In Depth

RayKarpk has a strong believe that every single company in 21st century should have online presence and be able to extend any service it provides beyond its physical boundaries. Therefore at Raykarpk we want to help those companies that are still rooted in the traditional business model a smooth transition to the digital world without feeling the burden of such transition. Our Engineers take time to observe your business model, process and product and provide a custom transitioning plan to get you up and running on the digital world without halting your service and productivity even for one single minute.

what we provide

We provide web development, designer and graphic services for small and corporate business. Our services divide in three packages. Each of the packages provides your business with brand new logo design, website design and domain name.

Service Packages
Service  Bronze  Silver  Gold 
HD Images and well-written website  YES  YES  YES 
Free Company Domain  YES  YES  YES 
HD logo  YES  YES  YES 
Voice Over Ip Communication VoIp.  YES  YES  YES 
Secure and Encrypted Business Instant Messaging.  YES  YES  YES 
Unlimited company domain based Email.  YES  YES  YES 
Professional and customized client email application  YES  YES  YES 
Unlimited cloud storage for your files and documents.  YES  YES  YES 
Unlimited cloud-based storage for digital archiving  YES  YES  YES 
Cloud-based document creator and editor applications similar to microsoft office suite.  YES  YES  YES 
Search Engine optimization Website  NO  YES  YES 
Professional social Media accounts.  NO  NO  YES 
Online profile protection including profile monitoring,updates and protection  NO  NO  YES 
Online reputation monitoring.  NO  NO  YES 

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