who we are

Raykarpk Cloud-Based Business Information System Solutions is an American technology company Headquartered in U.S.A with offices in many countries including Cameroon.
RayKarpk is coined to provide small and medium sized companies with the digital tools necessary to boost their business online footprint and increase their visibility online and offline and provide them with tools necessary to compete against well-established competitors. RayKarpk provides the necessary tools to market your business and take advantages of all available digital tools to market your company, increase the visibility and extend your company product beyond your physical boundaries.

With RayKarpk small and medium size businesses you can stop worrying about marketing tools, internal and external business communication tools, online social media communication means because all this is provided in one package.

RayKarpk is a one stop shop for any companies that want to put the worry of its information system, online marketing tools and business information system behind and focus on mastering their product, marketing their business, and control their finances.